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Frequently Asked Questions

Browser / System Requirements for using RenewCTEC.com Website 

We recommend using Firefox version 3 or higher for the optimum user experience of this website. The site has been tested on various browser versions and there are known issues and "bugs" with older versions of Internet Explorer browsers.

When you first arrive to RenewCTEC.com website you will be notified if you are using an out-of-date browser. At this time you wil be given the opportunity to upgrade your browser. If you decide to continue to the website without updating, you may or may not have display issues with the website. If you do encounter display issues either before or after registering, please refer to the chart below to solve the problem. If you continue to have issues after upgrading your browser, please let us know.

This website is best viewed by using the following browser versions:

Browser Name and Version

Links to Browser Upgrades


Internet Explorer Version 7 and higher

Official Microsoft Internet Explorer Download Website



Mozilla Firefox Version 3 and higher

Official Mozilla Firefox Download Website



Safari Version 3 and higher

Official Safari Download Website



Opera Version 9.5 and higher

Official Opera Download Website



Google Chrome

Official Google Chrome Download Website




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