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Welcome to RenewCTEC.com!  Home of the best-selling RenewCTEC.com 20 hour CTEC & IRS continuing education tax preparer course (course # 6201-CE-0018).

Good news!  This year's 20 hour CTEC and IRS-approved tax update & refresher course is now LIVE.

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With the Renew CTEC Course from Pronto Tax School, YES you can complete your online tax course quickly and affordably while receiving high quality tax education from a trusted education provider.


This is the official online 20 hour CTEC-approved continuing education course for California tax preparers from tax education provider Pronto Tax School, Inc. (CTEC-Approved Provider #6201 and IRS-Approved Provider #MPMDK).

This 20 hour CTEC course satisfies all of the CTEC continuing education requirements for California tax preparers, and this year's course ALSO will qualify you for the IRS "Annual Filing Season Program." Go ahead, kill two birds with one stone, this is the only course you need!!

We make it easy and guess what, we don't just care about yanking money out of your pocket, we actually CARE about making your life as a tax professional easier and more profitable!

As a courtesy to all our Returning Members, we have already set up your account on the new platform: Go here for details and to get started on your course today.

We are a Los Angeles-based company in the tax business since 1965 and we are approved by both CTEC and IRS as a continuing education provider. This course has been developed by veteran tax professionals, people with REAL experience in the field, who love to share great tips and tricks with you our fellow professional.  We have found a great community here on RenewCTEC.com with our fellow tax professionals.


Our tax update course is comprehensive but convenient and those who are "in the know" in the tax preparation business know to pick up a copy of the RenewCTEC.com 20 hour course including ALL the new Tax Updates you need to know.

Even people who have already done their required CE pick up a copy of this course!

Since we released RenewCTEC.com in 2011, thousands of California tax preparers have used our online 20 hour tax preparer continuing education course to renew their CTEC registration, thank you again to all our loyal members.

FREE BONUS: All students of our 20 hour continuing education course are eligible to receive a FREE "right before tax season" tax update email newsletter email. As we all know, many of the most important tax law changes don't happen until right before tax season; we will clue you in. This last minute update email comes included at no extra charge with your purchase of our 20 hour online CTEC continuing education course.

Your online quizzes will be graded instantly and once you pass the quizzes we will promptly notify CTEC and IRS of your hours. We report hours every night 7 days per week and YES we work overtime if the CTEC deadline is approaching.  We are well-known to report hours all the way up until midnight for all the big deadlines!  Keep in mind, we are tax preparers ourselves so we understand your need for speed when it comes to beating a deadline, and let's face it we tax professionals always seem to be "last minute specialists"! :)

Every year, we help hundreds of our members beat the CTEC deadline on Halloween Night alone...we have worked and WILL work up until midnight on October 31st midnight December 31, AND midnight January 15 reporting hours to help you beat those CTEC and IRS deadlines!!!

There is a reason why they call us "Pronto" and it is because we move fast!

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