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 ¡Buenas noticias! Hemos actualizado nuestra plataforma de educación en línea.

Nuevos miembros, solo tienes que ir a la nueva plataforma y configurar tu cuenta de curso de 20 horas, ¡es muy fácil!

Para los miembros que regresan, como una cortesía adicional a usted, ya hemos creado una cuenta para usted en la plataforma de aprendizaje en línea actualizada e incluso introducido todo su año pasado CTEC y la información del IRS ... para acceder a su cuenta, siga estas sencillas instrucciones:


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20 Hour CTEC Tax Preparer Live Classes in Bellflower, CA

By Andy Frye

Many CTEC tax preparers prefer the convenience of an online 20 hour CTEC course but some people prefer a live class for their 20 hour CTEC course. 

Or, some of you overachievers out there might like to do both a 20 hour online CTEC course and some live tax training. 

Well if getting some live tax training is something that's on your mind, then we have good news for you today: we have recently sealed a deal with Apex Tax Services to license our Pronto Tax School 20 hour CTEC course materials and provide live training for CTEC tax preparers in the Los Angeles area.  Keep reading to find out the details...



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Can CTEC Tax Preparers Do Tax Problem Resolution Work?

By Andy Frye

The tax problem resolution market is BOOMING.  As more and more taxpayers have gone from W-2 to 1099, more and more taxpayers have fallen behind on their taxes.  Statistics show that approximately 14 million taxpayers are in collections with IRS as we speak--those folks could really use some professional help right about now.

Fees for tax problem resolution engagements frequently fall into the $3,000 - $5,000 range.

Can a CTEC tax preparer help clients and make money in this lucrative field of Tax Problem Resolution without having your EA or CPA license?  That's a question we've been getting from some of our Members since we formed a strategic alliance with Michael Rozbruch, the nation's top trainer in the area of Tax Problem Resolution.  Some Members have even emailed me saying, "Why are you sending me info about tax problem resolution?  I can't do that, I'm not an EA!"

But, wait a second, are these assumptions that you can't offer tax problem resolution services without an EA or CPA license actually true?

Let's explore that question in this blog post: can a CTEC tax preparer do tax problem resolution work without an EA or CPA license...

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Trump Tax Changes in 2018 Budget that Affect CTEC Tax Preparers

By Andy Frye

I think we would all agree that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they spend their money.  President Trump released his proposed 2018 Budget for the U.S. Government, titled "A New Foundation for American Greatness." 

This budget document, 62 pages long, is much more detailed than the one page tax reform plan that we blogged about a few weeks back.

I was curious what the proposed budget said about taxes and tax preparers, so I took a quick read through it, and here are my findings of a few items that you may want to keep an eye on...





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5 Ways for Tax Professionals to Earn Money When It's Not Tax Season (Without Creating an Unrelated Business)

By Andy Frye

A camel can go seven months without drinking water.  Tax preparers can go without making money for up to 10 months.  Congratulations to both camels and tax preparers on our unique capabilities.

tax preparer camels

I wonder though if camels would choose to go without drinking water for seven months--if there was water nearby.  I doubt it.  If a camel saw a pool of water near him or her, he or she would probably stroll over and drink up, wouldn't you agree?

If you're a tax preparer who's looking to make some decent money when it's not tax season, instead of sitting there watching your stack of tax season cash dwindle into oblivion, this blog's for you!

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3 Emails Every CTEC Tax Preparer Can Send Your Clients this Summer

By Andy Frye

After a grueling tax season, often the last thing you feel like doing is contacting your tax clients.  After all, we got into this business so that we could not work for nine months out of the year; therefore, any attempt to force us to work year-round will be 1) treated with contempt, and then 2) ignored.  Am I right or am I right?  :)

And that's OK, because we don't necessarily think our clients want us to contact them after tax season, either.  Probably all of us have tried, at some point in our careers, the "check in" call during the summer.  You know, the miserable, utterly humiliating phone call that goes something like this:

awkward tax preparer sales call

Andy: "Hi Jim, this is Andy, from Pronto Income Tax."

Jim: "Who?"

Andy: "Andy.  At Pronto.  You know, the people that do your taxes?"

Jim: "Is something wrong?  Am I getting audited?"

And it just goes downhill from there...

So brutal!

Instead of making horribly awkward phone calls that are more likely to result in you losing a client than anything else, have you considered sending a few strategic emails?

You probably have considered it, and you're probably not doing it.  You know you "should," but you're not (we're guilty too).  Is it because you don't know what kind of emails your clients would actually want from you?

Let's fix that problem right here in this blog post.

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Does President Trump Want to Put CTEC Tax Preparers Out of Business?

By Andy Frye

lemons into lemonadeThe short answer is yes, your ability to earn money as a professional tax preparer, to the extent you prepare tax returns for middle-to-lower income clients, is under direct assault from the President of the United States.

The longer answer, and the less depressing answer, is that there are certain things you can do as a CTEC tax preparer to position yourself to not only thrive, but survive no matter what tax changes President Trump enacts. 

In other words, we can turn lemons into lemonade, as long as we're willing to do some cutting and squeezing.




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CTEC Tax Preparers: Please Relax

By Andy Frye

Our tax education hotline has continued to ring off the hook and we feel blessed by the fact that so many CTEC tax preparers rely on us for trustworthy, actionable information.  Nevertheless, some of the calls we have been getting this week have been a bit disturbing.  We have tax preparers calling us literally at all hours of the day and night absolutely freaking out because they think when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, if they don't do XYZ thing, they're not going to be able to work this tax season.

Now listen, I'm not judging you one single bit if this describes how you feel today!  Matter of fact, I'm right there with you, I only renewed my own PTIN today (last day) and completed my EA continuing education hours today (last day).  I could barely sleep last night because of fear I wouldn't finish my hours in time and then the IRS would take my EA license from me.

Getting stuff done ahead of time is for suckers, right??!!  We are tax preparers, we eat deadlines for breakfast!!!  LOL.

My CTEC Tax Preparer friends, I'm here to give you some RELIEF from the anxiety you may be feeling today.  There is one and only one reason you need to "freak out" today and I'll tell you what that reason is right in front of this article, and even that falls into the category of "not that big of a deal."  Everything else you're feeling anxiety about today, you can feel free to to chill out a little bit and enjoy the last day of 2016...because today's "deadlines" are completely overhyped.


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