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The purpose of this website is to provide a high-quality, convenient, and affordable 20 Hour CTEC and IRS online tax course and ensure that every California tax preparer can renew your CTEC registration with confidence, while getting all the tax updates you need to succeed.

Get started soon to beat the CTEC January 15th final deadline. If you want the AFSP credential, complete your course by December 31st.

Renew CTEC

Renew CTEC

20 Hour CTEC Renewal Course

A Few Reasons Why Thousands of CTEC Pros Choose Pronto Tax School Every Year
Since 2011:

  • Course is not insanely boring
  • Course designed to be highly relevant to what you actually do as a CA tax professional
  • Comprehensive federal tax update including the new Tax Reform Changes
  • Comprehensive California tax update (top-rated)
  • 20 CTEC Hours (3 Fed Update, 2 Ethics, 10 Other Federal Tax Topics, and 5 Hours California Tax)
  • IRS Hours for Annual Filing Season Program
  • SUPER FAST hours reporting with notification to you when your hours are reported!  :)
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee (note: no refunds after hours reported)
  • Video and audio training available in addition to lively PDF textbook

Get started now to beat the October 31 CTEC deadline.

"Our Goal Is to Make the Lives of CTEC Tax Preparers Easier and More Profitable."


At this website, we focus on helping California CTEC-registered tax preparers enjoy a smooth and successful CTEC renewal process.  We start by providing you with a proven, high-quality, low cost online 20 hour CTEC renewal continuing education course for California tax preparers.

This 20 hour CTEC and IRS course has earned over 1,000 reviews with an average 4.7 out of 5 rating.

Did I mention the course costs less than $50...including super-fast hours reporting and super-clutch deadline reporting up to MIDNIGHT of all major deadlines!!?

Go here to access your existing account (thank you to you our Loyal Member!)

If you're a first time user of Pronto Tax School products, go here to set up an account and get started today.

The course is developed by veteran tax professionals who are active in the business and this is why you can expect not only information, but real insight into how to avoid the Tax Preparer Apocalypse and enjoy success on your terms in the New Era of Tax.

We are education provider Pronto Tax School, Inc. (CTEC-Approved Provider #6201 and IRS-Approved Provider #MPMDK) and we want to help you along your path as a tax professional.

This 20 hour CTEC course grants you 20 hours credit with CTEC and also IRS hours that qualify for particpation in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP).

In short, this course is everything you need, to knock out your CTEC and IRS hours like a champ!

Go here to access your existing account (thank you to you our Loyal Member!)

If you're a first time user of Pronto Tax School products, go here to set up an account and get started today.

We look forward to serving you and thank you for visting RenewCTEC.com where everything we do is focused on helping CTEC tax preparers enjoy less stress and more success!

About Pronto Tax School

We are a Los Angeles-based company in the tax business since 1965 and we are approved by both CTEC and IRS as a continuing education provider. This course has been developed by veteran tax professionals, people with REAL experience in the field, who love to share great tips and tricks with you our fellow professional.  We have found a great community here on RenewCTEC.com with our fellow tax professionals and thanks to all the tax pros who have helped to create this community.

About the Course

We have dozens of tax school courses at courses.prontotaxschool.com. This 20 hour CTEC renewal and IRS course for CA tax professionals holds a special place in our heart.  And in the herats of our Members, who know they can COUNT ON a great tax update course at a great price, year after year.

And even have some FUN while renewing your CTEC! Our tax update course is comprehensive but convenient and those who are "in the know" in the tax preparation business know to pick up a copy of the RenewCTEC.com 20 hour course and get all the new Tax Updates you need to know!

Speed, Convenience, Quality

With this online CTEC & IRS course, your online quizzes will be graded instantly and once you pass the quizzes we will promptly notify CTEC and IRS of your hours. We report hours 7 days per week and YES we work overtime if the CTEC deadline is approaching.  We are well-known to report hours all the way up until midnight for all the big deadlines! Every year, we help hundreds of our Valued Members beat the CTEC & IRS deadlines.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have more questions support AT prontotaxschool.com or call Customer Support Team at (310) 422-1283.  Thank you!


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